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Buy and Sell

 Send me a photo and discription or e-mail if you would like to list something. 



FOR SALE:  Vintage Mercury outboard collection, including models KE7,

KF7, KG7, 20H (2) and Mark 20.  All are restored.   One 20H is a full

conversion howler model which won the APBA Thunder Bowl in the late

90’s and stored since.   The Mark 20 is like new with NOS block,

pistons, etc.  Also have a Yamato 80 tower and LU in good condition.

Call Don Nyberg at 503 364 4660.



For Sale:

Annie has decided to sell her 20ss. with a Yamato 80 plus (80) for parts and 2 props.

Haven’t decided on a price yet.  around $2000.

Perfect and ready to race fast…






also, cut suit, helmet, jacket

Randy 503 332-6355

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