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Newberg – Directions


Where is Rogers Landing in Newberg? Heading East on 1st Street, or heading West on 99, River Street goes right by the house Herbert Hoover grew up in. Rogers Landing Road is at the end of River Street, just past the railroad tracks and the recycling plant.

From the North “Sherwood-Tualitan Road isn’t too bad…”  – This is the route most folks take from the North – but you might want to consider some alternates when holiday traffic is bad. Avoid the 99-Newberg/Tigard exit from I-5 at all costs. Hwy 99 has a huge bottleneck through downtown Tigard (too bad, it’s a cool town).

The Wilsonville Alternate – If traffic is starting to get crazy through Sherwood (that will be anytime between 2 & 7 pm on Friday), head a little further South on I-5 and turn off at Wilsonville (especially if you need to make a Fry’s run). Beautiful drive through horse country.

The Hagemann Alternate – If you want to strectch that freeway mojo a little farther, run further down I-5 to the Donald/Aurora exit. This loops you over through St. Paul (home of the rodeo).

From Forest Grove – The favored route of our friends at Bartlett Marine.

From Salem – This one kind of follows the river.

From McMinnville – Come by way of Dayton.

From points further South – This route avoids a lot of traffic.

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