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 Photo courtesy Mike Stone Jr.

 Rockey Stone Memorial Kilometer and Buzz Thorsen Quarter Mile Time Trials

Lincoln City, Oregon

Saturday & Sunday, September 26 & 27, 2020

(event conducted on behalf of APBA Region 10)

Driver’s Meeting – 7 AM SHARP!


A little Kilos history courtesy of Laureen Thorsen…
The “Devils Lake Kilo’s” were renamed in 1995 to “Rockey Stone Kilo’s” following the death of Rockey Stone who was instrumental in organizing power boat racing on Devils Lake as far back as 1952.  In the beginning, circle races were held at Regatta Park and I believe it was in 1956 when the American Power Boat Association held its National Stock Races there.  Somewhere along the line the circle race evolved into the straightaway record event when it was discovered the length of the lake and the low sea level altitude lent itself to having the fastest water around.  In the APBA annals, Devils Lake in Lincoln City, OR is listed as having so many speed records that it soon became known as the (self described)  “Worlds Fastest Water”

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