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Outboard racing in Oregon and Southwest Washington

Newberg Memorial Weekend Boat Races



Saturday & Sunday, May 25th & 26th

 10:30 AM – 6:00 PM Both Days – Free Admission


  Rogers Landing at the end of River Street



Runabouts – APBA Stock Category A Stock Runabout

Free Admission * Free Shuttle * Snack Stand * Burgers * Coffee * Sodas * Shortcake

Bleacher Seating * Shoreline Viewing * Antique Motor Display

Antique Runabout Racing * 80 mph Tunnel Boats * Family Fun


Antiques – APBA PRO Category C Service and C Racing Runabouts



Hydros – APBA Stock Category C Stock Hydro



Tunnel Boats – APBA Stock Category 45ss and APBA OPC Category SST 45

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