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Last Dance…

Kilos 2016

 “It is not without a great deal of thought and trepidation that I announce that Oregon Race Rescue will not be able to attend this year. It has taken a lot of soul searching to come to this conclusion. I am retiring!!   Due to an ever dwindling number of rescue crew members and just the fact that this would have been my 30th race season serving Region 10 racers, I’ve come to the conclusion that it is time to “hang up my fins” and pass the job onto someone else.
   This is not a decision that I’ve come by lightly, or easily. It has been an honor and a pleasure watching over the races and racers for so many years. I have made many, many close friends, seen my share of joy and pain, spent years of my life sitting in pouring rain, cold wind, and blistering heat, watched many young racers grow into men and women, and have pulled many, many of you out of the drink after you ” went on your head”!
      Thank you for all of the respect that you have shown me and Oregon Race Rescue through the years. It has been a lot of fun, and I will certainly miss the camaraderie and the friendships I have known.” – Steven Erb
Steve, thank you so much for your service to boat racing.  Your shoes cannot be filled. But hopefully the new shoes can strive for your families standard of excellence in taking care of us.  Good luck to you. 
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