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APBA By-laws


Section 12.3. Racing Commission Authority. Each Racing Commission shall act as one common body in all matters involving discipline, new classes, appeals from rulings of race committees and referees, developing and maintaining rules for each class in their category, national championship selection and selection of officials for national championship events subject to its grant of authority.


Section 15.1. Conduct. Any member whose appearance, conduct, associations or affiliations, at or away from APBA sanctioned events, which are deemed not conducive to the best interests of APBA or who exhibits conduct which is inappropriate, offensive, abrasive or in bad taste, and persons who have been convicted from criminal activity may be denied membership or a license or may be excluded or suspended from APBA at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

15.1.1. The Board of Directors is further empowered to impose a fine and/or suspension of any participant or team that is found guilty of conduct detrimental to APBA or its sponsors.

15.1.2. Physical Contact. Intentional physical contact with any participant by any means is not allowed.

15.1.3. Fraud. Participants shall not make any misleading representations or fraudulent statements.

15.1.4. Language, Etc. All participants must refrain from any inappropriate profane or objectionable language and gestures as such acts will not be tolerated.

15.1.5. Criticism of Officials. Any participant that publicly criticizes the officials will be considered to be acting in an unsportsmanlike manner, prejudicial or detrimental to the best interest of this sport.

15.1.6. Proprietary Information. Inspectors, and any other person serving in an official capacity, shall communicate information revealed during the inspection of a contestant’s equipment only to: a) that contestant, b) his or her designated agent or agents, (c) officials at the race as required in the conduct of the race, and (d) appropriate other APBA officials and personnel as required by APBA rules and procedures. All persons who are in possession of such information shall pass it on to other individuals only if so required in the performance of their duties, or by APBA rules or procedures. Any violation of this rule will be considered a breach of ethics, and may be subject to disciplinary action.

Any member who is in violation of any of the aforementioned provisions or any other action or misconduct as may be determined by the Board of Directors shall be subject to assessment of penalties in addition to any other penalties set forth in the Rules Books of the Association.

APBA General Safety Rules

  1. No contestant shall participate in a race, nor shall any official serve in an official capacity, after having consumed alcohol or controlled substances or while intoxicated.
  2. The phrase “after having consumed or while intoxicated” shall mean from midnight before the day of the race and until the driver has been cleared through inspection.
  3. Intoxicated means under the influence of

1) Alcohol,

2) A controlled substance,

3) Any drug, or

4) Any combination of the above, such that there is an impaired condition of thought and action and loss of normal control of a person’s faculties to such an extent as to endanger any person.

APBA General Racing Rukes


  1. No owner, driver, contestant, or representative thereof shall hold any other owner, driver, contestant, or representative thereof liable for any personal injuries or damage resulting from an accident of racing occurring in a sanctioned race, except as a result of deliberate collision or other premeditated acts of unsportsmanlike nature. The question whether the act was deliberate or premeditated shall be determined by the Referee, subject to review by the appropriate Racing Commission, or Board of Governors if applicable.


  1. The referee (or assistant referee) may give a yellow or red card to a driver and/or owner for behavior at the race site during the sanction period.
  2. For behavior on the race course the referee shall issue a yellow/red card on or before one hour after the finish of the least heat of racing except when the offense occurs in inspection whereupon the card shall be issued within one hour after the finish of the last heat or within one hour of the alleged occurrence, whichever is later.
  3. A yellow or red card may be protested to the race committee. A negative response can be appealed to the appropriate racing commission or committee. In the event an appeal is filed, any penalties shall abate until the appeal is decided.
  4. Additionally, up to two yellow cards can be given at one time for dangerous driving, and a red card can be given for extremely dangerous driving.
  5. All cards will remain valid through the four events (entire week/weekend) in which the driver competes following the date on which the last card was delivered. If there are no cards given during those four events, all cards expire.
  6. A driver who has a valid red card or three valid yellow cards will lose the right to take part in the next APBA competition event (full weekend) in which he would reasonably compete, and his next championship (divisional or national championship) or race series event. Then all existing cards are removed.
  7. All cards must be reported to the APBA office within three days of delivery to the driver.
  8. If a driver receives a third valid yellow card or a red card and is suspended from participation, the APBA office will notify the driver’s region chairman, club commodore and category chairmen, and post the suspension notice on the APBA website.
  9. Suspension or other active penalties for competitors in Junior Hydro or Runabout classes will be reviewed by the Junior Classes Committee before taking effect; unless the committee fails to act within 4 days.
  10. Cards and penalties in effect extend into the following season.


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